The Global Warming Lie

Documenting the supposed incontrivable truth of global warming

don't panic
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The earth isn't warming, we are not all going to die, the sky isn't falling.


Global Warming Lie

Global Warming is a lie, and in the not so distant future will be exposed as such.

When that happens, there will be a lot of memory holeing of current global warming propeganda.

This website aims to document the prevaling global warming "doctrine"

The debate is over

If you look at the peer reviewed scientific literature, the debate is over.

-Al Gore

The debate is over pt 2

Sometimes people question whether or not Climate Change is real. After viewing the feature documentary,  Chasing Ice, I can assure you that the debate is over. On Monday, January 23, 2012 --Chasing Ice, had its world premiere at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival featuring documentary director Jeff Orlowski and his Academy Awarding winning production team led by Paula DuPrĂ© Pesmen, producer of the 2010 Academy Award®-winning  The Cove, and The debate is overwriter Mark Monroe (The Cove, The Tillman Story).

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